Loving Those That Refuse to Love


Fuck I look like?
No, really, fuck I look like?
I look like you got me fucked up is what I look like.
You lookin at me like I’m not supposed to be standing here next to you,
like we in the same class but your idea of advance is too advanced and my mind can’t match you.
I think its my vernacular,
how I got half the consonants and twice the apostrophes so my philosophy can’t be valid.
Like I speak slave and you speak slave master.
This isn’t a plantation, it’s a classroom. White people think they run shit because they got money to buy a thesaurus.
You say gargantuan,
I say big as shit.
Its still big as shit it don’t really matter i guess AP stands for asshole pretentiousness.
And If you don’t know what that means look it up, find a synonym. You like doing that shit.
And you also like judging a book by the color of its author because apparently Maya Angelou was inferior due to her grammatical errors,
but white man Mark Twain can write a whole novel in nothing but grammatical errors and that shit is a literary masterpiece.
Well i can’t help but to pardon my people’s slang cuz “real niggas ain’t real niggas if they don’t got a twang” 
I wanna apologize for mean muggin from the back of the classroom.
Talking about existentialism like a muthafuckin boss!
It’s not ya floss buy me, niggas can’t bide for me either cuz as soon as i raise my hand for anything other than a bathroom break i become a weirdo.
And God forbid I excel.
A 4.0 means i’m four shades lighter because apparently intelligence is a white trait.
Aleast that’s what i’ve gathered.
This one girl asked me: “Why would i use big words, so i can sound like you?” You know what i sound like?
Like i’ve read a book before.
According to my people, I act smart, so I act white.
So I can’t be black and be smart because black people are dumb?
All this is is self hate!
And to them that’s acceptable because white people told us niggas not to read 300 years ago and now niggas telling other niggas not to read.
What are we afraid of?
Its like we think giving 100 percent means giving 100 lashes and my people don’t even know that we are working with our oppressors.
Just passing on the torch but we can’t pass the bar.
Because the bar has been set so low that we are crushing under the weight. You expect me to cut class and get an F just to perpetuate the stereotype thats been instilled in this bullshit curriculum? 
Fuck I look like?
I will never equate stupidity with my melanin nor will I ever sacrifice my skin for the white mans standards.
So never ask that I speak for anyone but me,
Represent anything but what i stand for in life
And if anybody ever expects me to be anybody but myself they got me fucked up. 

Kai Davis Spoken Word: Fuck I Look Like!

(Source: youtube.com)